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Easter Promo Code for Volume III of Hidden In My Heart

April 8th, 2014

Volume III of Hidden In My Heart was released this past December and we are so pleased to hear how this music is ministering deeply to listeners. Currently, 23 people have given the CD a 5 star rating on Amazon and we hope you will read the reviews to hear what other listeners are saying about the volume.


Hidden In My Heart, Volume III explores new depths in God’s Word with a journey through the life of Jesus Christ. A profound spiritual experience awaits listeners of all ages as the stories and words of our Lord and Savior come to life in a new and powerful way.


The CD can be purchased for $14 or it can be digitally downloaded for $9.95. You can also preview the songs on this volume by visiting our website.


In addition, we are currently running a special promotion for this volume! With Easter coming up, we don’t want anyone to miss out on this very special album that is already a treasure to so many families. Please use the coupon code EASTER14 to save 15% on your entire purchase from our store.


May this album be a blessing to you and your family!



Your Stories: A Woman Uses Her Tragedy to Bless Others

April 3rd, 2014

Hearing stories about Scripture Lullabies impacting personal lives blesses, inspires, and humbles us as a staff.


About a year ago, Dorothy shared with us her story of loss, heartache and perseverance. On her birthday in 2011, her husband, Stephen, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was only nine months later when he passed away. Within weeks, when Dorothy didn’t think things could get any darker, she found herself battling breast cancer. It was in the midst of so much pain and turmoil that she discovered Scripture Lullabies through the ministry “Revive Our Hearts.” As she began to listen, Dorothy claims, “It was like God had sent me a more perfect CD than I had even imagined…”


Dorothy came through her treatment with renewed compassion and has since decided to bless other cancer patients with hand-made “Comfort-therapy” bags to take to their chemotherapy sessions. Each bag contains various thoughtful items, devotional books and a Scripture Lullabies CD. Dorothy testifies that the recipients can never believe a complete stranger would do something like this for them and often receive the bag with tears in their eyes. Dorothy is hopeful her story will help others believe they too, “can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


If you have a story to contribute and share, please share it with us on our Stories page.

Congratulations to Our Facebook Contest Winners!

March 28th, 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated in our iPod Shuffle and CD Giveaway on Facebook! As we read through all of the comments – almost 900 total – we couldn’t help but feel so very blessed.


We are excited to announce that the iPod Shuffle and all three volumes of Hidden in My Heart will go to Heather Sutton!


In addition, two runner-ups were chosen based on the content of their comments. Although it was very difficult for us to choose, we would like to say congratulations to Krista Deary and Valerie Eddy for winning us over with their heartfelt answers! They will both receive all three volumes of Hidden in My Heart.


Participants in the Facebook Giveaway were asked to fill in the blank for the following: Scripture Lullabies is NOT just for ______!


Krista Deary commented, “When my youngest son, Judah, was 5 weeks old he suffered from two spontaneous brain hemorrhages caused by a vitamin k deficiency. He wasn’t expected to live. We were told that if he survived he’d most likely be brain dead, blind and deaf. During our stay in the hospital our Scripture Lullabies cd brought such peace into the room and ushered in the presence of The Lord. We especially asked the nurses to keep the cd on repeat through the nights when my husband and I had to return home to rest and to be with our other 5 children. I am so thankful for Scripture Lullabies. They minister to me in such a special way. Not just to my spirit, but my heart- bringing back difficult memories, but also memories of a time God showed up very powerfully for us. Judah is now 2.5. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy but making progress. More of his story is at judahsjourney,com. God is working!”


Valerie Eddy commented, “Scripture Lullabies is NOT just for KIDS! I always share this incredible gift with others, pointing them to your website! These CD’s are incredible life lessons that seem to get lost in our adult world. My boys cannot go to sleep at night unless this CD is playing AND I have to sing “The Peace of God” before I leave their room… “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done…” It simply sums out the way life is suppose to be lived. This has helped me adapt [so I do] not get overwhelmed with financial struggles, emotional home-schooled days, or the ‘let’s push mom’s button’s day!’ As for the boys, it has helped them with their fears of shadows, monsters, and believe it or not worries over illnesses or the trouble they got in that day. Great way to end our day openly and full of love!!! To gain insight on the rest of your CD’s I am honored to share with the rest of my Facebook clan! Great baby shower gifts!!!!”


We would like to thank both women for opening up in their comments and expressing how Scripture Lullabies has truly changed their lives.


If you did not win this giveaway, please use the coupon code SPRING to save 15% off from our website!


Stay tuned for more fun giveaways we have planned for the coming months.


Thank you to everyone who participated!


A New Thing to Sing About: Lullabies Offer Health Benefits to Babies

October 31st, 2013

While we have been told that our music relaxes people of all ages, it has officially been stated that lullabies offer health benefits to babies. A research team from the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London recently analyzed the effect of lullabies on a child’s pain perception, heart rate and anxiety.


“Parents have been singing to their children for thousands of years and they have always instinctively known that it helps their children to relax, but it’s exciting to have scientific evidence that lullabies offer genuine health benefits for the child,” explained Dr. Nick Pickett, music specialist at GOSH.


Dr. Pickett and his colleagues recruited 37 patients at GOSH between the age of 7 days and 4 years old who suffer from a heart or respiratory condition. Participants either listened to 10 minutes of a lullaby, 10 minutes of story reading, or 10 minutes of no interaction. The research team tested the children’s heart rate to gauge their perception of pain.


Children who were exposed to 10 minutes of a lullaby reduced their heart rate, on average, from 134.1 to 128.7.


While our lullabies are a combination of Scriptures rather than the traditional story lullabies, we know our music can also have a profound impact on you and your children.



My Dad

June 16th, 2013

Written by Jay Stocker – Founder, writer, and producer of Scripture Lullabies


This summer, my mom and dad celebrate 50 years of marriage. Two years ago, they retired from nearly 50 years of full time ministry including 32 years pastoring a church in Loveland, Colorado. From the humble beginnings of a 46 member congregation, Resurrection Fellowship had grown to over 3,000 members under their leadership.


I’m proud of all the things my dad has accomplished, but what I most admire are the things people rarely have the opportunity to see. The responsibility and dedication required to pastor such a large church never kept him from putting his family first. He was home most every night for dinner and never missed a chance to pour wisdom and love into the lives of his three children. We spent many weekends and vacations together as a family. He loves my mom and has been absolutely faithful to her, often bragging about how he loves her more with each passing day. His integrity is unmatched as is his pursuit of excellence. His favorite saying to me growing up was (and still is), “If you’re gonna do it, do it right!” I’ll never forget getting disqualified from the pinewood derby competition each year because the judges could tell an 8 year old boy didn’t carve those cars. I was, of course, sad to get disqualified, but this level of perfectionism is something I learned from him that has served me very well in my life and career. Last, but most definitely not least, my dad loves the Lord and strives to be pleasing to him in everything he does. He has been misunderstood at times because he really doesn’t care what people think of him, only what his Father in Heaven thinks of him.


Since his retirement, I’ve been able to observe, learn and draw from my dad’s wisdom even more. I continually ask myself, “What would my dad be thinking or doing in this situation?” Often I feel like I’ll never measure up, but what I’m most thankful for is having an example to measure up to, character to aspire to, a marriage from which I can model my own. My dad is a man of God, and I’m grateful for his love and influence in my life.

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